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Thank you for your interest in seeing our finances as we are committed to an open and transparent system of dealing with and reporting on our finances.

If you would like to read a copy of last year´s full financial report, it can be read or downloaded from the link below.

Annual Report

Capital Projects in need of funding

El Centro Refurbishment, Guatemala City
El Centro Refurbishment, Guatemala City£8,000
The centre was used over the last two years to educate all the children in the mentoring programme while the national schools were closed.  We would now like to invest in a small refurbishment programme and provide new resources for the children as well as smarten things up.
Nursery Garden, Guatemala City
Nursery Garden, Guatemala City£3,400
We would like to create a special reading area for the children who attend the mentoring centre and provide bookcases and seating so the children can explore the wonder of reading.
Starter business for the Alas Project, Honduras
Starter business for the Alas Project, Honduras£3,000
Proyecto Alas is excited about to extend their small businesses that generate funds to help cover the costs of the mentoring centre for at-risk children in Talanga, Honduras.  The new Alas Apparel clothing range is planned to generate funds very quickly for both an investor and the mentoring centre.  This is a very different approach to fundraising, but one we hope will help Alas become totally self sufficient.