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Team USA arrive to serve in Guatemala

Team USA arrive to serve in Guatemala

Street Kids Direct is very grateful to a team from WGM in the USA who came to spend a week with the SKDGuatemala charity in Guatemala.  Three of the team were children who were flying for the first time!
Their week consisted of working with the children in the two mentoring centres and organising a work day in a developing slum on the outskirts of Guatemala City.
The work day pushed everyone to the limit as two projects had to be completed in just one day.  Firstly, to repair a tin roof for a family of 5 who have suffered from flooding every time it rained.  Secondly, to excavate an area at the rear of a tin shack in order to build a working toilet and shower area for the family of 8.
Time was of the essence as the rain was scheduled to return during the day and the construction team needed to mix and set the cement before the rain fell.  The team told us they prayed that it would not rain until 3pm, the time when they had planned to finish the cementing.  Miraculously the team leader, Steve, looked at his watch at exactly 3pm and it began to rain.  Thanks to Kenedy and Juan Carlos from the SKDGuatemala mentoring programme and to Don Mynor for their help on the day.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE
Thank you to Steve, Brannon, Andrew, Joseph, Stephen, Joshua, Jess and Kevin for one amazing week.  The impact you made was significant and we look forward to you all coming back again one day.
Watch the team give their feedback report to their church.