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Celebrating success as children graduate school

Celebrating success as children graduate school

Over the last two years Street Kids Direct have worked hard with their partners to keep over 600 at-risk children in education as the government-run schools in Honduras and Guatemala closed due to the COVID pandemic.

In Guatemala over 109,000 children dropped out of education during the first year of COVID, according to UNICEF, and many of those children may never return to school.  So many have started informal work and some in dangerous conditions, while many others have strengthened their connection to streets, which is very concerning for us.

This past week the charity has been able to participate in graduation ceremonies of children and young people who have been helped to stay in education thanks to your support.

In the New Year all the children we have been self-educating will return to the national school system and we will look at ways we can continue to support their formal education as our make-shift school in Guatemala will now return to a mentoring centre.

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