Returning from a day on the streets leaves you both high and low.  Despite the excitement of seeing the kids and street adults again there is always a deep sadness at having to leave them knowing that you might never see them again.

footballDuring the last week I have been able to get out on the streets more and see how the situation is changing for the street population and how they are responding to the changing times.

It was great to be able to take a small group of street youths to a local park the other day to play football.  When we arrived Matt, Becky, Herbert and I organised a match between us (England) and the young people (Guatemala).  The game reached an impressive 4 – 4 before a group of school children arrived and asked to play with us.  So we formed one team and took on the kids from the school who gave us all a run for our money!

football2What was good about the game was that the young people we brought with us from the streets were able to mix and play with kids from a local school and their behaviour was exemplary.  In fact the only one who caused problems was me!  I missed judged the ball (as always) and kicked a boy in the shin instead.  A good trip out for the young people and a good talk afterwards by Herbert.

This particular group of young people includes a young family we have been trying to help over the last couple of years.  The teenage mum and dad,  Jessica and Jorge, have a young baby called David who is soon to celebrate his first birthday.  I think this boy is a miracle because despite his bad health, diet and living conditions he is still alive.

Herbert has been trying to find an alternative place for them to live but despite his tireless efforts with them it seems that they are not keen to change just yet.  We took Jorge, Jessica and David out for lunch and it was funny and sad watch them eat with speed and bag up as much of the food as they could to take with them to share with others.  When a couple in an adjacent table finished eating it took Jorge no more than 5 seconds to return to our table with a bottle of drink that had been left by the couple.

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