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The Camino por Amor walk 2023

The Camino por Amor walk 2023

The annual Camino por Amor (Walking for Love) sponsored walk returned this August 19th in Guatemala, Honduras and the UK.

CarmodysWe are very thankful to all those who took part in the walks to raise funds for the ongoing work with at-risk children in Central America.

In the UK the Windsor Section walked to Windsor Castle.  The Section was made up of Paul, Helen, Michael & Coline who achieved the 25K walk in the heat and raised 152% of their target, which was of great encouragement to the team.

The Proyecto Alas team in Honduras were joined by Proyecto ROHI and Project New Life, walking the 50K from Tegucigalpa to Talanga.  The walk culminated in a parade through the town of Talanga and many of the children who benefit from funds raised were able to participate in the walk.

In Guatemala the SKDGuatemala project coordinated three versions of the walk, 10K, 30K and 50K.  They were joined by Go Guatemala, Puerta de Esperanza, MOJOCA and Cada Niño and walked laps around the Erick Barrondo Park in Guatemala City.

Thank you to Open Marketing in Guatemala City for your sponsorship of the event and for providing the publicity, water bottles and t-shirts.  Thanks to all who donated at the various events and who supported by donating online.  

We managed to raise £1,750 and are planning to repeat the event next year.

If you missed the Camino por Amor walk this year, don´t worry.  You can still donate online here and also you might like to consider taking part in one of the many fundraising events throughout the UK during the year by checking out the events page on our website.