The Big Sleep 2017


Have you ever slept out on the streets?  

BigSleep1To be honest most of us have never had to experience this as we have always enjoyed a safe, warm place to sleep.  But for the hundreds of street children Street Kids Direct has worked with over the years this is their reality and we would like to invite you to give it a try for one night.

The idea of The Big Sleep is to help raise the profile of the lives of street children in Central America and raise some money to make a difference to their lives.

The Big Sleep is your opportunity to taste a little of what life is like living on the streets but with your mates, your family and your community.  We will do our part and provide you with security, food, drinks and lots of fun and games as well as live video links to the children in Central America we are helping. Anyone from any age can participate, but children will need to be under the supervision of an adult. More informatioin is available from the resources below, but we hope you will come and join in the fun.

The next BIG SLEEP is scheduled in the front of St.Michael´s Church, Sycamore Road in Amersham is on:  SATURDAY 23rd - SUNDAY 24th SEPTEMBER 2017 (8:00pm-8:00am) 




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