backpack2Thanks to your support we have been able to help nearly 90 vulnerable children in Guatemala and Honduras return to school this year.

Donors on Radio Christmas sponsored backpacks for £25, which included the cost of the backpack and a school starter kit that will enable the children to begin their school year.

For many children they are not able to access the "free" education in Latin America because the family have to provide their starter kit, school shoes and uniform, plus a subscription fee and usually other monthly fees.  Almost all the vulnerable children we support can´t get to school without our support and so for those in the mentoring programme we can offer them their backpack and starter kit, and for those families that are facing great financial hardship we can offer help with school uniforms and shoes.

All this is possible thanks to your generous support.  When you give something special happens and a child´s life is changed.




We are very excited that the school grades for the children in the Street Kids Direct mentoring programme are very high.  For example, in Guatemala the national pass rate for children gaining the school grades at the end of the year is 73%.  When we reviewed the school results of the children in the mentoring programme we discovered that 98% of them gained their school grade.

Due to your generosity more children in the mentoring programme will be able to have access to private schooling tis year and we would like to find more sponsors to help more vulnerable children get a superb education.  If you would like to sponsor a child in provate school please do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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