streets4Back out on the streets today with David and Julie Voncannon from Street Invest and Jose from Youth Challenge who wanted to see what it was like to visit the streets first thing in the morning.

We headed out to zone 4 and came across a group of about 15 adults and 2 kids, some of whom were still sleeping but quickly woke up when they heard our voices.

It is encouraging to know that some of the adults I have known since they were kids a fact they remind me of each time I visit.  Maybe they have known very few people in their lives that long but the longevity of the relationship they have with me means a certain level of trust and respect is evident.

GersonI spoke with 12-year-old Gerson (photo left) who has lived with this group for the last year.  He was born in El Salvador and when he is not high on solvents he is a pleasure to chat with.  It is still early days for me to discuss some deeper issues with him and so for the moment we play games and laugh about the little incidents that take place while we are with them.

It took me 10 washes before I eventually got the smell of rotting feet from my hands but the pleasure of washing feet and rubbing in cream is instant for those we can help on the streets.  So many suffer from really badly infected feet and so any care you can give is greatly appreciated.


transhome1A great day with the boys from the Manuelito Transitional Home in Tegucigalpa, Honduras yesterday.

We managed to go and buy them an ironing board and iron as well as a large box of chocolates and two boxes of donuts.  As you can imagine this went down really well with the boys but the thing they seemed most excited about was that we had come not just to visit them but to spend the whole day with them.

The boys had made a welcome display on the wall of the dining room and posed for a photo before we sat and watched them perform their new dance routines.

transhome3It was encouraging to see how the street dance workshops had really motivated them to work together and enjoy doing something new.  Their dance teacher has invited them to perform in a few weeks time at a cancer charity concert so they were keen to spend every spare moment practicing their routines.

transhome2Matt, Becky and I then invited the boys and staff to a football match.  A small caged pitch was rented for an hour but the match lasted an hour and half with no break and with my team losing 21-18.  It was a very tiring session but I kept going till the end and then we headed into the city centre where we treated them all to an ice cream.

On our return to the home we sat and watched two episodes of Mr Bean and a couple of videos of Diversity.

A long but very rewarding day.


manuelito3Matt, Becky and I decided to give in to pressure from the girls at the Manuelito Children's Home and download some Justin Bieber videos and have a 'JUSTIN' night! 

It was interesting that the boys also wanted to watch the videos and it made me laugh as they had said how much they hated Justin Bierber but happily sang along to 'Baby, baby, baby'!

Matt and I dressed up for the girls and joined in their 'Justin' party and I am sure they will remember it for a long time.

manuelito4manuelito2We left this morning and headed for AFE, the project working with the kids from the city rubbish dump, and so had to say our farewells which is never easy.