manuelito3Matt, Becky and I decided to give in to pressure from the girls at the Manuelito Children's Home and download some Justin Bieber videos and have a 'JUSTIN' night! 

It was interesting that the boys also wanted to watch the videos and it made me laugh as they had said how much they hated Justin Bierber but happily sang along to 'Baby, baby, baby'!

Matt and I dressed up for the girls and joined in their 'Justin' party and I am sure they will remember it for a long time.

manuelito4manuelito2We left this morning and headed for AFE, the project working with the kids from the city rubbish dump, and so had to say our farewells which is never easy.



manuelito5Today at the Manuelito Children's Home it was photo day!  I took photos of all the children for the sponsors in the UK who give each month to keep them in the home.  Thanks to Global Care we are able to help keep the regular support coming through and yet many of the children do not yet have sponsors.  Please will you consider sponsoring a child in the home for just £18 per month by following the link on the right.  One of these kids could be better off if you do.  THANKS

eftc1A few days ago Matt, Becky, Herbert and I had the amazing privilege of taking a donation of peppers, beans and tomatoes from our farm in Guatemala to an inspirational project about an hour’s drive from Guatemala City.  The project is a school founded and funded by Education for the Children in the UK.

The school offers free education to children who would not normally be able to benefit from going to school.  They select the poorest and most neediest children they can and provide not only an exceptional education but also provide support to the children at home and to the wider family.

Street Kids Direct has known of this charity for the last 3 years and since that time has seen the progress the school has made as well as the impact in the local community.

eftc3This is Amy, who is a long term worker from the UK, with one of the children.  Amy’s commitment to the school is incredible and we want to wish her and her team well in all they do.

For me it is important to work alongside others as much as possible and see how together we can help the most neediest children in Guatemala.