Hello there all!

23Today we travelled to Antigua in Duncan’s car which used to be the capital city of Guatemala although due to the fact there were earthquakes causing damage to the city in great amounts, the capital city relocated. However, when we arrived, we came to witness a stunning view of a very large volcano (Volcano Agua)!

Today in Antigua we visited a museum of an old convent called Capuchinas. It was really interesting to see the grounds where the nuns lived including the beautiful gardens. One of my favorite parts of the grounds of the convent was the nun’s prayer chamber where they used to sing hymns. This was very amusing due to the fact that wherever you stood; when you spoke there would be an echo. The even cooler part was that if one person whispered at one side of the circular chamber, the other person standing on the other side could hear what they were saying very clearly!

24After a lovely meal at a café we went to a chocolate factory where we tried chocolate tea which sounded unusual but tasted really good! At the factory, there were classes available where you could make your own chocolate along with a museum too. Each of us bought little treats to take home with us so family members and friends, remember to be nice as we might let you try some Guatemalan chocolate!

Another place we went to was Casa del Jade which was where we were shown how they found Jade amongst the rocks as well as showing us how the original Mayan tribes made the jewelry, headwear and figurines out of it too. The colours included green, black and the most expensive to date, lavender. After the tour of the museum we looked at the beautiful jewelry there in the shop next door.  

25Tonight was a night of goodbyes as we sadly had to say farewell to our new friends Herbert, the winner and Frank, the milk carton model of 2014; both lovely people who warmly welcomed us into their homes. As our night draws to a close, this may be the last time we have access to Wi-Fi for a couple of days so this may affect our blog posting. However we will try and post our future blogs as soon as possible!

Thank you for reading and see you soon!