Today was a looong day! We left our Guatemalan house at 5am, Frank even got up to say goodbye. We stopped off at Pollo Campero for breakfast and made the border by 9am. We decided that the order of who was sitting in the front was down to alphabetical order, which meant that I was last in the front. Because we all have quite large bags, we had to have one on our laps in the back. Quite a squeeze, but we made it!

The views were incredible - from mountain ranges and valleys, to huge rivers and lakes. At one point, Dunc started to explain about an amazing waterfall that we were going to go past. He bigged it up quite a lot and we were expecting great things. We turned the corner and couldn’t see any waterfall. It turns out that it had dried up and we got excited about nothing.

There were moments of hysterical singing, culminating in an impromptu performance of “Ruby” by the Kaiser Cheifs when we stopped for petrol. We hoped to get a discount, but our singing was in vain. We listened to a couple of podcasts and an attempt at Eye Spy was made. For me, the time went really quite quickly.

26By about 12.30 we arrived in San Pedro Sula for lunch at Wendy’s. The reason we go to fast food restaurants is because they are the closest to guaranteeing safe food. No one has been ill yet, so our logic either works, or we’ve been lucky! The final stretch from San Pedro was on mostly dual carriageways and felt much faster. We arrived in the Miller about 4.30.

How great it is to be back. Seeing friends and catching up with people. If 12 hours of driving wasn’t enough, we were then invited to a concert. It was a great concert, but I think each member of the team had to “close their eyes” for a moment.

I’m excited about going to Manuelito tomorrow and for next week at AFE. It’s going to be hot, and going to be great!