28Hello there guys, Jonny writing here. Today was a great day visiting the Manuelito children’s home in Talanga, Honduras. It was apparent from the beginning of the day that it would not be the four of us today, but rather three of us around, with Steve disappearing for most of the day. I suppose he did have friends he only gets to see once a year.

The day started off Steve and I playing football with many of the boys from the home, it was clear from everyone in a football kit and boots that it was going to be a serious match. It was lots of fun, but It was incredibly hot and sweaty. Whilst the girls were sitting down in the shade making loom band bracelets, I did join them and attempted to make a bracelet but I struggled. It seemed that my fingers forgot how to function, the children though had no problems, turning hundreds of elastic bands into bracelets.

29I was very impressed. In the afternoon it was too hot, and everyone was worn out from football in the morning that we sat down for arts and crafts, plus board games. It was great to see their faces light up with fascination with things such as tracing and coloured tissue paper. After the children then finished their chores, we all walked into the town’s centre to get an ice cream. I have never seen such an orderly queue than outside the ice cream parlor. By the time that we got back to the home it was time for us to say our goodbyes. Robyn and Ally handed out bracelets which were crafted by many young people back home in Amersham for us to give as presents. Thank you guys they were very grateful for them.



It was then time to head home for a much needed shower. After eating, some of the young people from Linda Miller village and us gathered at a new friend’s house for some bible study. It was a rather amusing session involving translations backwards and forwards, even though about half of the people locals can speak very good English.

On a personal note, it was great to see the children happy to interact with a stranger such as myself so well. Plus I am very happy to have finally visited Manuelito and meet some of the kids that I have heard so much about. Apologies again on behalf of everyone here for the lack of blogs recently, but internet is very limited here.

Goodnight and peace x