Another great day today in the Miller. Ally and I woke up to another wonderful breakfast made by our host Reyna (who is now known as our Honduras Mama). We then got ready and headed to the boys house to make our way to church. The church is down the hill from our homes and it was great to see more of the Miller in the daylight. Everyone is so welcoming! The service was led by Pastor Adam who works at AFE along with his wife, Holly. It was great to compare the style of worship and service with Dunc’s church in Guatemala….although we’re not going to pick sides Dunc!

After church we headed back up to our host families for lunch and then had a chilled couple of hours. Ally decided to spend this time having a well deserved nap whilst I spent time with Reyna and her daughter, Kayla, practicing my Spanish and telling them about my life back in England. Don’t worry everyone, I said only good things.

At 2.30pm, we headed over to the boys place for our daily devotional time together. We focused on Acts chapter 1 and how we can use the gift Jesus gave, of the Holy Spirit, to help us, particularly with our work in AFE in the next week. It was really good to spend this time together to remember why we are here and also to reflect back on the work we have done so far.

After this, Ally headed back to our house to have a relaxed time with Reyna whilst the boys and I went to play some football with a few other guys who live in the Miller. Now, the boys decided to take a long time deciding what to do and when, eventually, we had settled on a plan, the heavens opened and we had to take shelter under a shop cover for about half an hour whilst the rain poured. It was like we were back in England!

Once the rain had stopped, we made our way to another friend’s house (Ally had now joined us too) to watch the film ‘The Amazing Spiderman’. It was really great to hang out with our new friends and we were made to feel so welcome.

Dinner then beckoned and we made our way back to our prospective homes. Ally and I had fried egg, rice with beans and plantain (YES!) for dinner and, my goodness, it was amazing! We then had a really funny time sitting with Reyna and Kayla, teaching them English and them teaching us more Spanish. They liked to make fun of the fact we can’t roll our R’s!

It’s really great fun getting to know our host families and although there is the big language barrier, it isn’t stopping us from having a fab time!

Time for bed as another early start tomorrow - the week at AFE begins!

Noches amigos.

Robyn and team