After a good night’s rest at Linda Miller, it was our first day at the AFE school where over the next 3 days we would be providing activities for each year group of children there. Today we had 3 hour slots where we provided activities for kindergarten, grade one and grade two. Activities included What’s the Time Mr Wolf, Prison Break, Bulldog and even myself teaching them the song ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!’ They were pretty good at it! Especially when singing it along with the actions at 3 times the speed! (Which some of the leaders found quite difficult).

At break time we all hung out with the children which included swinging them around with lots of giggles involved, learning Spanish, playing on the climbing frames as well as the swings. It was great fun as this meant we got to know the children a lot better.

31After we had completed our 3 hours at AFE, we then left for the Premier Mall where we all went to Pizza Hut with Pastor Jonny and his wife along with other employees that worked with AFE. The food was great however guess what happened! I had another birthday however this time it was slightly different. The birthday gag backfired as everyone said it was both Duncan and I’s birthday instead of just being mine. Pay back? I think so! I think this had to be the best birthday so far as we had to get up and dance to the music of the tambourine along with all the waiters singing away. Duncan was definitely taking the lead with the dance moves!



30After lunch we headed back to Linda Miller where we had free time for the rest of the evening. Jonny, Robyn, Steve and I played card games to pass the time and then others from the community joined in and hung out with us where we played many card games, tried to figure out Steve’s magic tricks as well as trying to do the best Voldermort impression from the Harry Potter films. I must admit that in the card games, a few of us got a little competitive! Not naming anyone but Steve…This continued throughout the night until it was time for all of us to go to sleep to get ready for a busy day tomorrow.

Lots of love and keep subscribing!

Ally x