Hello everyone, Jonny here.

Today as the title suggests started off with our second morning at the AFE project, it was very similar to the previous day but with older ages in three slots for grades 4, 5 and 6. As a consequence of the increase of the ages of the students we were able to introduce more complex running games such as having two teams who have to flip a cone over the opposite way depending on their team. I will stop there as I do not want to bore you guys with a further list of games as they were very similar to yesterday. But the kids did have a great time running around and expending all of their energy outside with us.

33After a tiring morning and already being hot and sweaty after lots of running around, being squashed in the boot of Dunc’s car was not very pleasant. A river of sweat was flowing down my back by the time we arrived in Tegucigalpa, but it was worth it as Adam from AFE was able to join us for our lunch and the afternoon ahead. We were further joined at the burger joint by the leaders Mark and Lori from a project in the city centre of which we were going to visit called Mi Esperanza. Lunch was magnificent, the gigantic burgers were very well received by everyone and we were shortly of to Mi Esperanza, which was just around the corner.

The project was great to see, it specialised in training up the women of Tegucigalpa in three key areas of life. Using ex graduates of the training schemes as teachers, they are able to give fantastic courses in their beauty school, sewing school and also a computer room. These women as a result of the project learn key skills which will make them more employable in the community, which will not only just help them but also their immediate family such as their children. But it is clear that it can also branch out and they aim that by teaching these women, they can go out into the community and the culture in Honduras about women and work will change.

After completing the tour of the project, we were guided towards the shop. All of the hundreds of products in there are crafted by hand by the women in the projects and ex-graduates, with all of the profits going back to the charity as their primary income. I must admit I was tempted to buy a leather wallet just because it smelled incredible. Rather quickly though my patience had worn thin and I had to go outside whilst everyone was looking at things to buy. Instead I was advised by Mark to try some of the local fruits. The hitch was I had to climb the flimsy trees to get the fruit down. But I can assure you, I am better suited to trees than Tarzan and shortly I was able to pull down some fruit. But I heard a shout that everyone had bought their items and were leaving; my fun in the trees was over.

After a quick stop at a service station for an Ice Cream, we were back at the village we are staying at, for an evening of relaxation. It was a sad evening though, as Dunc is having to leave us to return to Guatemala in the early hours of the morning. Now there is a lot of pressure on Steve, as he is our sole translator when we are not at AFE. After saying our goodbyes and eating dinner is was time for a prayer meeting at the village’s church. It was a funny experience for me, as I had no idea what anyone was saying to me and with Steve praying for himself I could not keep pestering him for him to translate it for me.

Once the meeting finished we headed back home for some more relaxation time, which has just finished and so is this blog post.

Big thanks for reading everyone from myself and the other team members.