34Unfortunately all four of us didn’t go to AFE today as Jonny was quite poorly so he and Steve stayed behind. Today it was Robyn and I who were running the activities along with David who helped to translate what we were saying.  The day consisted of us hanging out with the children from kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2 teaching them how to make loom band bracelets, rings and necklaces. We got through many packets of loom bands and I must admit, I got quite addicted when making them! Not only were we making loom bands, from sitting together whilst making them, this gave us the opportunity to learn more Spanish and for the children to learn more English too! David and I were comparing what the usual food they eat here to what we have back at home! I must admit it did make my tummy rumble! Thank goodness it was nearly lunchtime!

35When we headed back to Linda Miller, we spent the majority of our free time hanging out on the hammocks (pardon Steve’s pun), trying to use available wifi to keep in contact with people back home. Although, whilst Jonny and I were ‘hanging out’, from what I heard, Robyn had beaten Steve at a basketball match in the rain!  Wooo go Robyn! In the evening, Robyn and I had a girl’s night with some of the girls from the community. The evening consisted of all the usual girly things such as laughing, being silly, taking photos and eating not so healthy food, (sorry mum!) The plan originally was to watch the Hunger Games, however we started the film ten minutes before Robyn and I had to leave…oh well! Was a very amusing night though! Last day at AFE tomorrow!

Thanks for reading! Lots of hugs! Ally x