Today was a sad day for the team, as it was to be our last full day with our new friends. A bus was booked and 20 or so of us all pilled on for a day at a place called the Valley of the Angels, which was the other side of Tegucigalpa. Valley of the Angels is a small town, which had a spectacular array of traditional eateries and gift shops.

40Steve was unable to join us unfortunately, which was a great shame for not only the Amersham team members but also for the young people who see him as their family as well as a friend. On the other hand I have just about returned to full fitness, but I would like to share a quick apology to the rest of the team for being so useless the past week at AFE. I had not planned on being ill. Aaaanywaaaay we went off for a day of sightseeing and looking around shops. I saw so many varieties of novelty gifts in all shapes and colours, that my vision was becoming blurred. Many more laughs were shared around the central park. But unfortunately the time went incredibly fast and soon it was time to head back on the bus, after taking some group photos of course.

After returning to Linda Miller village, we were invited back to Stephen from the Micah projects house, for an hour of relaxation after a busy day with some ‘zucchini’ bread and coffee. Yes he is American. But again time was short and we had to say our fond farewells, I firmly believe that in Stephen we have all made a firm friendship in such a short period of time.

After leaving Stephen’s, we rushed back to Steve and my host home, were many of our new friends were waiting for us. We were unable to talk there, but fortunately there was an empty house just around the corner to host our informal meetings. It was a very sad hour for most, with a few tears being shed as it was a time to reflect on the week and the new friendships which have been formed. Stories and prayers were shared and then it was time for bed as we have got a early start and a long journey home. We hope that it will not by a goodbye, but rather a see you soon. We all hope that we have an opportunity to return to these projects and to see our new friends again.

Goodnight from Jonny and the other three J