by Alex Denton 8th September 2018

Shaking off the jet lag, the morning started with plenty of commotion. In no particular order I fell down the stairs, Dunc and I cooked some porridge, we experienced a power cut and Steve was apparently kidnapped. To clarify, Steve went to the shops to grab some groceries and took over an hour to return. Dunc and I were arguing about who would get Steve's laptop when he finally resurfaced. 
We decided to start the day proper by heading to Talanga. The beautiful drive through the untamed countryside was interjected with fantastically hair raising overtakes on the one lane road. Whenever one of the large trucks finished crawling up the winding hills and hit a straight the line of cars gathered behind all attempted to overtake at once. 

Once in Talanga we met with Julio, a key member of Proyecto Alas to discuss his upcoming trip to Guatemala. He is visiting the centre and shall be involved in training with regards to the mentoring programme. Julio is from Talanga and is the newest member of Proyecto Alas. His confidence and passion to make an impact in the lives of the children is powerful to see and extremely infectious!

71695c8a 8809 4ebc b061 84a5366de605In the afternoon we headed over to the Manuelito Childrens home where I have spent some time in the past, most recently in 2015 for a week. We brought with us some fresh apples and some birthday presents for bébé Duncan and Cristofer. The kids all eagerly helped them build the hot wheels launch track and spent the next hour happily entertained launching cars across the floor. I was excited to recognise some of the kids and even happier that two said hello to me before Duncan! After catching up with Owen, whose decent English and cheeky attitude endeared him to me in 2015, I found out he is the hairdresser of choice by the boys at the home. I quickly hired him to trim my Barnet and the result led to a well earned tip! Seeing Owen, a child who entered the home when he was eight, now maturing into a young adult was just great to see. 

For dinner we were treated to a traditional British shepherds pie which was made especially for the mentors who volunteer for Proyecto Alas. Julio and Steve together thanked the mentors for their commitment and hard work. As this programme is ramping up the mentors will be increasingly important and instrumental in reaching out to the at risk kids in Talanga. By being positive role models and cornerstones in these kids' lives, they will hopefully support and help these kids grow into positive and engaged members of society. The alternative of a life on the streets, becoming a member of a gang or abusing solvents is one which we wish to avoid. 

This week I shall be shadowing Steve and documenting the various projects that StreetKidsDirect are supporting. I feel blessed to be back in Honduras and thank God that I have arrived safely, in good health and full of excitement to get stuck in! I'll try to post a blog every couple of days, peace out / God bless.

Alex a.k.a. bébé Denton