ben jeepWe woke early, had a scrumptious breakfast at Herbert's and set off in Frank's car to the centre. We have been finding out more about the centre throughout our journey so far and we are getting excited about it! Mi Arca wants to turn it into a mentoring centre with space for workshops on street work, rooms for meetings with partners, and even a radio studio with broadcasting abilities. This hub would be super beneficial for the organisation and hopefully StreetKidsDirect can contribute to this vision coming a reality. 

streetWe began the day by meeting up with Walter and the AMG street team and visited a mother, Maria Jose, who had been separated from her children due to her location and situation. She and her husband Caesar were living on the street and using drugs, resulting in their children being removed from the situation by the government. Now, with the help of Mi Arca, they were renting a room away from La Terminal and were trying to turn their lives around so that their kids could be returned. We visited the school where Maria Jose will be having parent classes as part of her process to get her children back.

Whilst at the school we had an opportunity to help children with English, followed by playing football at break time. We were both struck by the sense of freedom the kids have at the school. For example after I finished helping a young boy Johathan with his English paper, he took hold of his hand and was extremely excited to show of his Teachers his new English friend. I was very touched to see what a positive impact the AMG school has had on high risk children who we were playing games with the night before on the streets. It shows there is hope for all of these children who live their lives in tough and dangerous conditions, the AMG project enables them to forget their situation at home and act like children. 

sergioAfter we left the school we went to a street where a number of homeless people live. We had opportunities to talk to them about what its like living in England, give them English sweets and talk to them why they are living on the streets, with the help of Frank who translated for us. 

One thing we will both take with us is how some of homeless people acknowledged and appreciated how we have come all the way to Central America to help them. We feel very humbled! Gracias! Benji x