salsaAnyone who knows me can appreciate how much I enjoyed my fifteen minute lie-in this morning. To improve on an already good start to the day I was allowed to drive to the Jeep to the shop. I have never driven something that fights so hard to get into gear, or whose exhaust is as unbelievably loud, yet it was such a laugh and I'm proud to have ragged it down a few roads in Central America! 

Today began by being taught how to salsa dance properly by the legend that is Frank. His central american hips really showed up our stiff,rigid dancing in comparison. After this schooling in the art of dance we set off to visit some kids on the streets. We brought a football and UNO with us and played in the shadows in the blistering heat. Combined with this heat the fumes from the solvents was quite overpowering, but we had to remember that these conditions are quite normal here. We were amazed that some of those we were playing football with were wearing four layers. It was explained how the solvents numbed their senses and even made them feel cold. 

origamiAfter chilling at this street corner and just talking like friends we had to move on and get ready for a kids club which was in zone eight. We took Sarah's bus which the teams use for clubs in the different zones. Unlike the other night where there were just four of us, this time there were over ten helpers. The incredible Wanita and I taught the lovely kids how to make origami hearts and ducks, whilst Ben, Frank, Hebert and others ran more active games outside. Having volunteered at kids clubs in the UK it was a privilege to show the children in zone four how to make something creative, especially as they followed all the instructions, didn't make a mess, didn't bicker or tease each other and didn't give up halfway through the activity! Yes some of these kids appear dirty and a bit rough around the edges but when given the chance to just be kids they are a pleasure to work with and are wonderful human beings. 

gamesWatching Ben run activities and throw himself into the leading of activities was another amazing thing to witness. I am so happy that he is here with me and even happier that his addictive enthusiasm is as strong as ever halfway across the world. Sitting here writing this blog I feel exhausted, overwhelmingly happy and determined to continue to serve these kids who are so uplifting despite their difficult situations. God bless, and good night mis amigos! xx