ManuelitoWaking up in Manuelito is always an experience. On Tuesday it was to blinding brightness from the sun outside which pierced through the toilet paper thin curtains. I'm talking the type of toilet paper you get at motorway service stations, the one where you can see your hand through it. Anywho, we got up, ate some grub, and began our tasks for the day. To begin we helped Jorge with his PE class which involved playing volleyball with the kids. It was good to see the children playing something other than football and it was great to see the girls throwing themselves into the sport as well.Ben and I were able to play to even the teams up and got quite into it, at one point I may have got a bit over competitive and smack talked a bit too much. 

We then joined the chicas in the kitchen to help out with the food chopping and preparation. We chopped chillis, onions and coriander and then helped the lovely Pamela with her rice meal. Ben and her hit it off over discussions of their love of salsa! He promised her that he would show her his dancing the next day which excited all the kitchen staff. Pamela is working in the kitchen having been a child in the project itself. She can't afford to go to university and is thinking of working in a hotel in Tegucigalpa. This shows how important it is for the project to support its kids after their education if they want them to aspire to bigger things. This can only be achieved through additional funding.

VolleyBallWe continued by sitting down to write up some session plans for the girl's football practice. The actual practice was hard going as their first touch was quite poor/non existent. After a few drills which were quite time consuming and poorly executed we broke into a frantic game where shin kicking, body checking and handballs were frequent. We will see how well we can whip them into shape for their upcoming game. 

Tuesday was Jorge's birthday. He has been with a lot of the boys since their removal from the street/abusive families. I first met him in 2012 when he was in charge of the boys transitional home in Tegucigalpa and he is like a father to a lot of the kids here. Many got emotional wishing him a great day and we extended the celebration by surprising Jorge at his home later in the evening. We played some party games, kicked a football about and even enjoyed an impromtu dance off! Some of the boys are seriously talented, some busting out some impressive break dancing.  

jorge bdayIt was lovely to see the boys all relaxed and enjoying the moment, even when one of the younger kids jumped in with an average dance move the others yelled encouragements. The boys are all really close and we feel humbled to be included in their games and in their friendship group. Walking home from Jorge's house was incredible as all the electricity in Talanga was suddenly cut off. For a couple of English boys from Amersham the star filled night's sky was awe-inspiring and beautiful. 

scorpionIn the evening we were in for one last surprise. As Ben was preparing himself for bed a scorpion appeared beneath him with its pincer raised. Ben managed to avoid its thrust and sprang across the room. I was quite confused as he was yelling 'Tarantula, TARANTULA!' . After establishing that is was indeed a scorpion we lured it out from under Ben's bag and managed to dispose of it. We were mightily relieved! Continue

Buenas Noches!  Alex D