sunsetToday we were woken at the decent hour of 5:30 by some form of grunting and a loud smashing noise. Ben and I were perplexed as to what on earth this sound was. In the end we had to conclude it was a traditional Honduran alarm clock sound. 

Wednesday began with an interesting breakfast of ham and cheese sandwiches. The ham can be compared to Tesco value discounted meat whilst I despise cheese. It was okay though as we managed to give our second sandwiches to the kids who need the energy for a big day at school. Fortunately we have brought breakfast biscuits for such circumstances, so Benito and Baby D did not go hungry! We quickly helped Jorge's wife Ruth (who can speak English after studying in the US) with her English lesson where the children were learning about different jobs in the community. Jose Luiz looked dashing as a police officer with his facial hair!

volley 2Volleyball practice went well and was followed by further planning sessions for the girl's football team. Ben and I really want to leave something behind rather than just be here for a week so we really want to improve the girl's team, especially since they were only formed two weeks ago and hardly any of them can control a pass. Many girls showed up for practice which was encouraging and we began our passing and dribbling drills. Again the majority of passes were wayward and their first touch was appalling. Nevertheless, we remained patient and continued into a game. Since we had moved practice from the concrete basketball court to the grass pitch we thought the larger space would be more useful in improving their game. Johanna ploughed through two younger girls who kicked her heels in retaliation, Gracia got bulldozed as she flung her body in an attempt to stop Jenny's dribble, and Paola was penalised twice for handball in her own penalty area. The only positive was Sara in goal who was a revelation! She can catch, throw and kick a ball! She saved several one on ones and has given the team a solid foundation to move forward from. 

english classPractice finished and as the girls trudged back to their dorm. Ben and I saw some kids who were playing basketball and decided to join in. Talanga is at a higher altitude than Amersham and the late afternoon sun added to us running out of breath quickly. However, the twins Hairo and Byron were sinking their shots every time without breaking a sweat. Playing bball as the sun was setting was an experience which will take me a while to forget.

We settled down in the evening to watch some football with the boys. The local Honduran team Olympia were playing Seattle Sounders in the north american champions league. We left at half time with Olympia holding an undeserved and slender 1-0 lead. They ended up losing 2-1 to a last minute penalty. I guess we were their good luck charm!

footieWe are really cementing our friendships with the kids and Ben especially is finding out a lot about their backgrounds and what their situation was before they arrived at the project. He will tell you about it tomorrow!

Nunite beautiful people! Alex D