Land´s End to John O´Groats Challenge

Land´s End to John O´Groats Challenge

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I have had the privilege of working in an environment that sees raw life, where nothing is hidden from sight and the reality sometimes hard to face.

I do believe that working together with others who hold a common aim and purpose together achieve change. The areas of safeguarding and prevention are not just words but when put into practice can transform lives.

Working with street kids has been on my heart for many years as well as Central and South America. Sometime between 1998 and 2001 there were stories coming out of Honduras and Brazil of the horrors street kids were facing and I followed the stories through other non- profit organisations who were trying to affect change in very difficult circumstances. I became aware of street kids direct over the years and have been interested in the projects and work they do as they not only deal with kids physically on the street but also support - schooling, family life, health. Focusing on prevention is key. Also reading the success stories, it’s not about a quick fix but about long term change, a new direction in life, a chance of a life with opportunities and choice.

So to my challenge ..........

I plan on walking the length of the UK, Lands End to John O’Groats using as many national trails and long distance footpaths as I can. I was planning to do this as one epic adventure but due to covid which has affected us all I have decided to bring the trip forward and attempt it in stages using whatever leave I can. 

Total mileage on paper is 1428 and I would like to raise a pound a mile, so allowing for diversions rounded up to 1500.



SW coast path south side Lands End to Plymouth, Wembury  170 miles

Devon coast to coast incorporating the Erme Plym trail and The Two Moors Way, Wembury to Lynmouth 117 miles 

SW coast path north side Lynnouth to Minehead 22 miles 

Somerset Way, Mineheqd to Bath 116 miles

Cotswold Way, Bath to Chipping Campden 102 miles 

Heart of England Way, Boughton on the Water to Cannock Chase 101 miles (overlap with Cotswold Way)

Cannock Chase Heritage trail, Cannock Chase to Rugeley 10 miles 

Staffordshire Link, Rugeley to Thorpe 27 miles

White Peak Way circular (part of) Thorpe to Edale 35 miles 

Pennine Way, Edale to Kirk Yetholm 268 miles

Scottish National trail, Kirk Yetholm to Milngavie 143 miles 

West Highland Way, Milngavie to Fort William 96 miles 

Great Glen coast to coast, Fort William to Inverness 74 miles 

John O'Groats coastal walking trail,  Inverness to John O'Groats 147 miles 

Planned start date is July 2020 provided restrictions for camping/staying overnight are lifted.

Further updates will follow, so please follow me on my journey ...............






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