Centro Opp Officially Opens

Centro Opp Officially Opens

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Street Kids Direct Guatemala had a brilliant weekend with the official opening of the Centro Opp Mentoring Centre in Guatemala City. Visitors Jonothan Nordstrom and Darold Opp, from the USA and supporters of the Centre, joined for the grand opening. The team shared a meal together and the new choir, Voz de la Calle (Voice of the Streets), gave a great first performance to all who were there. There were also cooking and art workshops for the kids to enjoy!

What is Centro Opp?

Centro Opp is the new centre in Guatemala City which has the Casa Alexis Protection Home above and the Mentoring Centre below on the ground floor. Within the mentoring centre, there is an arts room, gym, music room, Pamelas Kitchen which holds a coffee space and industrial kitchen appliances, lounge area, and hopefully soon a climbing wall. 

The Centre has been designed to facilitate the mentoring programme and to provide a space for therapy sessions through art and music. The Centre will be a safe space where the kids and youth will be able to process past traumas and discover their dreams and aspirations for the future. The different rooms and spaces will also provide the youth with the opportunity to develop skills that they will use in the future, as well as enjoy a space that they wouldn't normally have the opportunity to access. 

We are so excited about what Centro Opp will facilitate and would like to extend our gratitude to those who made it possible. Now to see the building in action and the kids enjoying it even more!

voz de la calle




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