Providing educational support for kids in Santa Fas

Providing educational support for kids in Santa Fas

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Our partner project SKDGuatemala has been working in one of the slum areas in Guatemala City, called Santa Fas, where there are 14 kids who are at high risk of living on the streets. Whilst these kids aren't currently in the mentoring programme (we'd like to be able to offer them a place in the programme in future), the project is reaching out to provide interim educational support to them.

Most of the kids are currently failing at school as they struggle to access the school resources due to a lack of internet. They often have only two hours of internet to download their work, try and fill it out and upload it again. This is almost impossible for them to be able to do, and means that they get no support with their work from school teachers. 

SKDGuatemala have now begun to run a series of special support-days for these kids, renting a minibus to transport them to and from the slum to the centre in Zone 9 of the city so that they can give them extra support with their school work. When at the centre, the kids are provided with breakfast and lunch and are able to print and complete their schoolwork. They also recieve the help and support of teachers who can help them understand their work.   

This support is so vital as these kids would otherwise likely fail school or not be able to access any of the resources whilst schools are physically shut due to the pandemic. Thanks to some current funding, the project is looking to run these days two times a week up until they finish school early in November, making a huge difference to the education of these kids. 





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