Progress at Centro Opp

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Lots of progress has been happening at the Protection Home in Guatemala thanks to incredible funding from friends. 

The kitchen arrived last week ready to be installed and decorating was happening this week to get the music room and others all ready. The music room looks really jazzy....! Above Centro Opp, Casa Alexis welcomed the teenage boys for a day of fun activities. This highlights the tangiable difference that funding makes, as without the Protection Home and the safe space it provides, these boys would likely be hanging out on the streets as schools are currently closed.

Keep an eye on our page to see the latest progress and funding needs for the Protection home. There are still so many exciting plans for this development in order to impact the lives of the vulnerable. Thank you for all your support so far!

CentroOpp Kitchen

Homeschooling begins in Guatemala and Honduras

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Despite the challenges thrown our way due to COVID19, the projects we support have overcome the difficulties and continue to make a huge difference to the lives of the children. Although schools have closed for the year, the easing of government restrictions means that Proyecto Alas, Honduras and SKDGuatemala are able to provide homeschooling in its place. 

At the mentoring centre in Proyecto Alas and both the Mentoring Centre and Protection Home in Guatemala, children will recieve support with school assignments and homework. They'll also recieve access to the internet for schooling which most don't have access to at home and small group study sessions with the help of wonderful volunteers. 

Homeschooling is now a vital way to ensure that the children have access to education and resources, and it is with your help that makes this possible. 

If you'd like to support the projects we work with, you can donate here.

Thank you!


Homeschooling process Guatemala


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Brayan is a high-risk kid in Guatemala and needs our help urgently to save his eyesight.

Brayan and his siblings suffer from various challenging sight problems and lost the sight of his left eye and now his right eye is at great risk. We need to get him an urgent operation and this will cost £500 and includes the medication and glasses he will have to wear afterwards.

Please do help us help this boy.

Thank you.


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