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The "Camino por Amor" (walking for love) walks began in 2016 when Duncan Dyason walked from Costa Rica to Guatemala in three weeks to raise funds for the charity´s work in Central America with children and young people living on the streets and those living at high-risk of living on the streets.

The following year Duncan and Steve Poulson went head-to-head in a 100km in a day walking challenge and last year the couple challenged each other to walk from Guatemala to Honduras and vice versa in one week.

This year´s challenge is going to be one of the biggest challenges Duncan and his team have faced as they attempt a Guinness World Record, walking from Land´s End to John O´Groats and back again in just 15 days!  It will be a Guinness World record first.

Camino1The walk will be a team effort this year and will include Ben Soden, Steve Poulson, Joseph Soden and Duncan Dyason.  The team have to walk 24/7, achieving 108 miles per day for 15 days.  The grueling walk will take them from Cornwall, through Shropshire, The Lakes, The Cairngorms and then to the furthest Northern point in the UK, only to then return back to their start point in Cornwall.

Dates:  Starting at midnight on Friday 14th June from Land´s End, stopping briefly at the John O´Groats official landmark on Friday 22nd June and then returning to the start point on Saturday 29th June.

The team will update supporters with more exact arrival points at the major landmarks as well as the many towns they will pass through on their journey.




  • Dunc, Steve, Joseph and Ben set off on Sunday 31st March for their test walk, starting at ther Honduras/Guatemala border and heading North to the jungles of Peten.  The walk will be 600km, with the team attpempting 160km per day (40km each) non-stop 24/7. The boys are accepting challenges along the way, so please do interact with them through our Facebook Page.
  • MAP of the test walk
  • The trial walk was completed by the intrepid four on Thursday 4th April.  A way of walking, resting, preparing and supporting was achieved that would mean the 160km-per-day can be achieved.

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    2. DONATE (UK and all other donors)
    3. Follow the walk
    4. Join the walk
    5. Offer support along the way
    6. Come and join in the finish in Cornwall on Saturday 29th June.



Lands End To John OGroats 


      Land´s End, Penzance, Hayle, Bodmin, Launceston, Okehampton, Tiverton, Taunton, Bridgwater, Avonmouth, Chepstow, Monmouth, Hereford, Ludford, Shrewsbury, Whitchurch, Warrington, Wigan, Preston, Lancaster, Kendal, Penrith, Carlisle, Gretna, Lockerbie, Newbridge, Kinross, Perth, Dalwhinnie, Aviemore, Inverness, Alness, Tain, Helsdale, Latheron, Wick, John O´Groats.
      A detailed list of the towns with days and times of arrival can be downloaded here soon.

Camino por Amor Map3

Many thanks for those who are interested in walking with me on the last day of the Camino por Amor 2018.

Muchas gracias por todos que tienen interés en caminar conmigo en día 7 - mi último día del Camino por Amor 2018.

You will find below the maps (click on the map to see the larger version) that will guide you with regards to the route of entry into Guatemala City on Saturday 14th July and rough timings.  Please do keep a check on the Street Kids Direct Facebook page for the latest estimated arrival times.  THANK YOU.

Abajo puedes encontrar los mapas (click sobre para verlo más grande) que te pueden guiar sobre mi entrada a la Ciudad de Guatemala el sábado 14 de julio y los tiempos.  Sería bueno seguir viendo la página de Street Kids Direct en Facebook para una estimada llegada.  MUCHAS GRACIAS.

Duncan Dyason

DAY 7 1a

1. SALIENDO SANSARE a las 4:00am / LEAVING SANSARE at 4:00am

DAY 7 2a

2. ENTRANDO LA CAPITAL por zona 18 a las 12:00pm / ENTERING THE CITY LIMITS Zone 18 at 12 noon.

DAY 7 3a

3. LLEGANDO AL CENTRO a las 2-3pm / ARRIVING AT OUR CENTRE at about 2-3pm

DAY 7 4a


 Camino por Amor Map3

The Challenge:  To walk 585km (364 miles) over 7 days through difficult terrain, climbing up mountains with an altitude of 14,300m, trying to avoid gang areas and dealing with extreme temperatures and dangerous roads.  On average Duncan Dyason and Steve Poulson will have to walk 85km per day.

The Route: Dunc will start in the centre of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras and walk to the Street Kids Direct Mentoring Centre in Guatemala City.  Steve will start in Guatemala City and walk to Tegucigalpa.  Both will have a support team and will meet half way in Honduras.  To check on Dunc´s arrival plans CLICK HERE.

The Dates: Sunday 8th July - Sunday 14th July 2018

Why do this?  Dunc and Steve want to raise £10,000 ($14,000) for the projects they work with in Guatemala and Honduras.  They both live in Central America as volunteers for Street Kids Direct and work daily with children and young people who either live on the streets or are at high-risk of living on the streets.







Walk the WalkGet Involved: Would you like to WALK THE WALK with Dunc and Steve?  You can join them on any day of their walk and organise your own sponsored walk wherever you are in the world. All you have to do is choose the day, plan a walk, setup your own fundraising page, tell your friends, family, school or work and encourage them to sponsor you and then send us a message on Facebook or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know what your plans are so we can publicise that on our Facebook page.