Is this a safe activity?

We have run this activity since 2007 and have never encountered any problems.  We plan a full risk assessment each year and try and consider all aspects of your safety and security during the event.  We ask local adult volunteers to help with security throughout the night and inform the local police of the event who usually pop by to make sure everyone is safe.

Are you insured?

Street Kids Direct take out annual liability insurance for all our fundraising events and this event is listed in our accepted activities in our policy.  Please do ask if you would like to see a copy of our policy.

Do I have to pay any money?

There is no registration fee for those taking part in the Big Sleep.  However, this is a fundraising event to help children and young people who sleep on the streets of the cities in Central America and so we ask everyone to print off the sponsor form and collect as many sponsors as possible before the event or make a donation on the night.

How old do you have to be to take part?

If you are bringing your own children along to the event you are responsible for them and so the judgement about their age and suitability to sleep out is up to you.  For those bringing groups of children along can do so but they have to be 10 years of age and no more than 3 children per adult.  Young people ages 16 or over can participate without an adult but do need to bring along a signed copy of the Parental Permission Form.

Are there any toilets?

The church has toilets at the rear of the church building and they will be open throughout the night.  Usually if a child wants to use the toilet during the night a member of the security team will accompany the child to the church hall where the toilets are situated.

What do I need to bring with me?

A full Kit List is available for you and will help you plan for your evening with us.  Please remember to bring along a LARGE CARDBOARD BOX or cardboard boxes to make your shelter!

What is there to do during the evening?

We will have some games available during the evening and always try and plan a surprise activity, which might include music or some form of entertainment.  The charity will also be showing some videos of their work and those who have been working with the street children will talk about their experiences.  We recommend people bring along a game that can be played safely in the confined space.

How cold does it get?

Sleeping on the streets can be very uncomfortable!  We ask people to bring along cardboard boxes and make a small shelter in which they can sleep the night.  Sleeping in a cardboard box is extremely warm and vary rarely people feel the cold.  We are hoping to have a fire all night at a safe distance from the shelters.  Please do bring along a sleeping bag and warm clothing.

Are there disabled facilities?

Wheelchairs can access all areas and the church complies with the requirements to provide disabled toilet facilities.  Please do contact us if you require extra assistance.

What happens if it rains?

In the event of light rain most boxes will get wet but with a small plastic sheet or a few large bin bags the shelter will last the night.  If the weather turns really bad we can retreat to the church hall for the evening and sleep there.

Do I need to bring along food?

Yes please!  Please do bring along some snacks for yourself and maybe something spare to share around.  If you could bring along a cake or some biscuits to share on the refreshment table that would be most welcome.  We will provide some basic refreshments throughout the night and a bacon breakfast in the morning.

Can I bring my music along and my phone?

You would be most welcome to bring along your phone and music but please do be aware that after 11pm we do require silence on site for those wishing to sleep and for our neighbours.  We ask for your cooperation in this matter.

Is there anything to buy?

We are going to have some sweets available for people to buy during the evening.

Do you provide any entertainment?

The charity will be seeking to encourage local talent to come along and take part in the event but can´t guarantee any entertainment until the evening.  If you would like to help provide any talent we would love to hear from you.

Do I have to sleep?

No!  For those wishing to stay up all night there will be a fire for them to sit around but we do ask for quiet on the site from 11pm for our neighbours and those who will be planning on sleeping.




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