caminofinalDuncan Dyason, Director and Founder of Street Kids Direct, is back safe and well in Guatemala after walking 30 marathons in 30 days!  

The gruelling 750 mile (1,200Km) walk from Costa Rica to Guatemala took 5 weeks to complete and Jeony Ordoñez, Founder of the AFE School in Hojduras, accompanied Duncan each day.

The pair went through many challenging situations with Jeony suffering greatly from blisters, Duncan from Dengue Fever and heatstroke and both had to walk through areas that were run by gangs.  On one occasion one of the support drivers was held up at gunpoint despite driving behind a policecar!  The intense heat of the Central American countries made Duncan and Jeony having to start their walk each day around 3am.

On arrival in Guatemala City Duncan and Jeony were joined by hundreds of walkers and well-wishers and then were officially welcomed to the city by the Mayor who sent 6 police motorcycle outriders and a police car to ensure their safe arrival at the Mi Arca Centre.

The sponsored walk raised many thousands of pounds for the projects that Street Kids Direct supports and enthused hundreds of people to organise their own walks around the world.

Both Duncan and Jeony are considering writing books about their experiences over the five weeks.  

Duncan and Jeony recorded VideoBlogs everyday and these can be viewed under the BLOGS section of our website.