Street Kids Direct works in partnership with the Mi Arca project in Guatemala City and two years ago we launched a specialist mentoring programme to help support the most vulnerable children who are in the process of being abandoned or are at very high social risk of living on the streets.

During the last two years we have discovered that for a small group of children in the programme it is often necessary to offer them emergency accommodation during the week due to the precarious nature of their lives.

This situation led us to explore the option of having a boarding house, which we are calling a Protection home, that will offer the most vulnerable children a safe environment throughout the week.  Since all the children have been enrolled in school, as a prerequisite to being in the mentoring programme, we need to give them extra support and protection while they are in the school week.  This will mean operating the home on the model of a boarding house where children arrive after school on Monday and stay each day till they go to school on the Friday.

It could be that the home will then offer us the opportunity of organising special weekend retreats and events for other children.  We would like to see how the initial phase goes and then evaluate