Many thanks to all those who helped make this year´s Coin Race in Amersham a tremendous success.

CoinRace19.2The annual coin collection along Sycamore Road in Amersham involved 50 volunteers of all ages who created a line of donated coins on either side of the road, the boys on one side and the girls on the other side.  The friendly competition did help boost donations with the boys winning this year by a clear margin despite being on the quieter side of the street.

The three trustees from Street Kids Direct, Matt Levett, Joe Soden and Dunc Dyason were joined by Steve Poulson, Benjamin Soden, Mark & Rosalie Balfour and Joseph Soden from Central America who all work as full-time volunteers for the charity with the high-risk children who will benefit from the funds raised.  Volunteers came from local schools, churches, the Council and the local community and some had even travelled a lot further in order to help out. It was an incredible atmosphere and people were naturally generous as the Coin Race and charity are supported well by local people.

CoinRace19.3Thank you again to all those who came to help during the day with special thanks to everyone who stayed the whole day to help count.  We appreciated the support of the Soden family who opened their home later in the afternoon for the official count, overseen by the external auditor Mark Rollings.

The total raised for this year´s Coin Race was £2,091.55.


* The final result announced