Each year the charity organises a variety of fundraising events in the UK, many based around the Amersham area.  Please do contact us if you would like to replicate one of these events in your area to raise funds for street kids.



    Every two years we take out a short-term FM transmission license and run our own local radio station during the month of December. The next Radio Christmas starts on 1st December 2014 and will run through to midday on Christmas Eve.  We also broadcast online via our website where anyone around the world can listen live and listen again to shows they have missed. The festive radio station is run by local volunteers and our last Radio Christmas in 2012 raised over £21,000.

    In June we organise a ‘coin’ race in Amersham, whereby we invite shoppers to place a coin in a bucket or along the chalk line in the high street and race one side of the high street against the other.  The event is great fun for all involved and we try to plan some street entertainers to make the day a really family fun event.

    A very popular fundraising event is our bi-annual sleep out in Amersham.  Children, young people and adults register to sleep out on the forecourt of St.Michael’s Church in Amersham from 8pm on a Saturday evening to 8am on the Sunday.  A Big Sleep has also been organised in Maidenhead and both events are sponsored and raise not just funds but also awareness of how tough sleeping out in the cold can be.