There are a couple of ways to set up fundraising pages on the Charity Checkout platform, depending on the kind of event or appeal the charity has created.

If the charity’s event page on our platform has a Register button, that means you need to register before you create your fundraising page. Just click the Register button and follow the steps to sign up.

If the event/appeal has a Fundraise for us button, that means you can sign up without needing to a register a place(or maybe you’ve done it somewhere else already!). You will be taken through the following steps:


Step 1 - Your Target

1. To enter a new target, change the amount in the How much would you like to raise? field.

2. Click Continue.


Step 2 - Profile photo

1. If you already have a photo and want to replace it, click Remove.

2. To add a photo, click either Facebook photo or Upload photo. The Facebook photo option will use your Facebook profile photo.

3.Click Continue.


Step 3 - Background photo

1. If you already have a background photo and want to replace it, click Remove.

2. If you want to use the default background photo the charity has chosen for fundraisers, click Use default.

3. To upload your own background photo, click Upload photo.

4. Click Continue.


Step 4 - Tell your story

1. To change the title of your fundraising page, enter the new title in the Your campaign title field.

2. To change or add to the text that appears on your fundraising page, enter text in the Your story field. You can also include images, video, and links.

3. Click Continue.


Step 5 - Customise your page link

1. If you want to change the link for your Fundraising page, edit the text in the Page link field.

2. Click Continue.


Step 6 - How can we contact you?

1. Select whether you want to receive communications from the charity you are supporting.

2. Click Continue.


Step 7 - Spread the word

1. Click Share to share your fundraising page on Facebook.

2. Click Twitter to share your fundraising page on Twitter.

3. Click No thanks to continue.


Step 8 - Did you know?

1. Click Finish!.




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