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Thank you for your interest in our latest development project.  Please do contact Dunc Dyason if there is any more information you wish to receive about the project below, or if you feel you would like to discuss how you could partner with us in order to help us bring these dreams into reality.

PROJECT: Mentoring & Training Centre

LOCATION: Guatemala City, Guatemala

TIMESCALE: Completion by December 2020

COST: See breakdown of costs below.

OUTLINE: The charity SKD Guatemala already runs a very effective mentoring programme in the capital and needs to expand the work.  The Centre will have a specfic focus on music and art and will also house a training centre to prepare young people for the world of work.

The basic structural work has been completed, thanks to the very generous donations from friends in the United States.  This phase includes most of the basic demolition and structural work and includes the drains and some electrical work.  We are now ready to continue when funds become available.


  • Development Plan
  • 3D Virtual Tour (download iVisit360 from Google Play or iStore) and then load the programme to enjoy a full tour of the completed site together with the Protection Home on the second floor.
  • Photo Album (includes the completed children´s home on the first floor).

Construction - New Mentoring & Training Centre

Phase 1 - Structural work, Ceilings & Roof

£15,640 ($19,550) includes the following work: demolition of old structural columns, new support structure, ceiling work and finishing, new concrete floor throughout, enclosing of open area that will be the climbing wall.

Phase 2 - Plumbing, Electrical, Bathrooms

£31,460 ($39,325) includes the following work: plastering walls and finishes, all plumbing and electrical work including 3 bathrooms, fitting of doors and windows, new water pump and tank, solar water heater.

Phase 3 - Music Recording Room

£2,880 ($3,600) includes the following work: electrical work, finishes on walls and ceiling and flooring.  Fit one door.

Phase 4 - Mentoring Room & Gym

£27,325 ($34,155) includes the following work: construction of the two rooms at the rear of the property, including doors and windows.

Sponsor a Room in the Centre

Art Room

£4,000e ($5,000) to purchase whiteboard, computers and art materials, table and chairs.

Radio Studio

£6,000e ($7,500) to purchase desk, chairs, lights, radio recording equipment.

Music Room

£4,800e ($6,000) to musicial instruments, rug, acoustic panels, speakers and leads.

Record/Mix Studio

£4,000e to purchase mixing console, computer, intercom and speakers & cables.

Coffee Shop Area

£3,800 ($4,650) for the purchase of tables, chairs and lighting.

Industrial Kitchen

£? (not yet quoted) to purchase an idustrial kitchen and appliances for catering and coffee shop.

Climbing Wall

£18,000 to build the indoor climbing wall, not inc. climbing equipment.

Vegetable Garden

£? (not yet quoted) to build the structure and landscape the garden.

Paint the frontage

£650 to paint & repair the front of the property.

Volunteer Bedrooms

£2,400e ($3,000) for bedroom furniture, curtains and bedding.

New front windows

£? (not yet quoted) to replace the widows and alterations.



e = estimate

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