The Mi Arca street team, funded by Street Kids Direct in partneship with Street Invest, have been working hard to help rescue young people from the streets and help those who have been in the streets for many years.

rescued1Our recent successes have included a couple (photo) who lost access to their two young children because of their life on the streets.  Both have now been helped to leave the streets and have completed a parenting course and started to gain access again to their children again with the hope they will be reunited before Christmas.  Some of the long-term homeless have now being pursuaded to consider a new start and have entered into rehabilitation programmes.

The street team, which consists of two full-time street workers, a social worker and a small team of local volunteers remain focussed on making an impact in the streets thanks to the training and support of Street Invest.

We wish those who have taken the brave step to leave the streets well and remain committed to working towards a world where no child or young person has to live on the streets.

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