Thanks to the IPC charity and Jane, a volunteer from Global Care in the UK, we were able to provide free eye sight checks to 27 children in the Street Kids Direct Mentoring programme at the beginning of February.

The children had the morning off school and patiently waited their turn to go through many sophisticated tests and try out lenses to see if their sight improved.

Out of the 27 children tested, half needed glasses and four need more urgent treatment for their sight.

We would now like to offer this service to the other 20 children in the programme and are looking for sponsors to help with the costs of a pair of glasses for those now needing them.  If you are interested in sponsoring a pair of glasses please email Duncan for more information.

We are so pleased to know that many children will soon be able to concentrate and see at school now and it is incredible to hear their comments when they started to see clearly for the first time.