• At the present time the world is facing an unprecedented crisis and, as a result, many countries have implemented drastic measures in order to cope with the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

    In Central America we have been in lockdown for the last few days with government-imposed curfews and massive shortages in the shops of the most basic supplies.  This is now true for many countries around the world.

  • Thanks to your donations we have been able to buy supplies for the 70 families we are caring for in Guatemala and Honduras.  Each family will be receiving a large care package for the next two weeks that will include some of the basic food supplies that the families need in order to survive.

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  • The doorbell rings at the Street Kids Direct Protection Home in Guatemala City and when Duncan answers it he finds little Kevin is standing there in the street and looking very hot, covered in sweat and looking down at his feet in embarrassment.

  • One of the young people that we had worked hard to keep off the streets, enter into rehab and consider how he could achieve his childhood dreams, sadly passed away at the central hospital here in the capital this week.

  • Sunday 5th April 2020

    Thank you to Christchurch in Tunbridge Wells in the UK for showing their support of our work on Palm Sunday by featuring us in their service today.

    Our history with Christchurch goes back to 1981 when Duncan arrived in the town and became a Christian there.

    Shortly after, Duncan began to help run the church youth club and from there went to theological college and then to work as a youth worker at St.Leonard´s Church in Chesham Bois, Buckinghamshire.  It was there that Duncan received the challenge and call to work with street kids and in 1992 moved to Guatemala and began working on the streets of Guatemala City, the capital.

    Thank you Christhchurch for your amazing support over so many years.


  • Sunday 11th April 2020

    Thank you to all those who have responded to the appeal for food parcels for families affected in Central America by COVID-19

    We are so very thankful to all those who have donated online to our appeal for basic food supplies for 70 vulnerable families in Honduras and Guatemala.  We will continue to deliver food over the next few weeks and support the children with their at-home schoolwork and offer counselling to those who are finding these times very difficult.

    Your support really does changes lives, thank you.


  • Monday 20th April 2020.

    14-year-old Damaris wants to tell her story of hope that has risen out of the most difficult of childhoods.

    Damaris lives in Guatemala City and for years suffered neglect and abuse.  Now her life is very different and despite how hard it is for her to tell her story, she does so leaving us feeling very excited about her future full of hope.  

    Thanks to your support this work is possible.


  • Saturday 25th April 2020.

    Danilo tells the story of what happened the day he mistakenly drunk acid.

    Danilo now has committed his life to helping other children going through the challenging childhood he experienced on the rubbish dump in Guatemala City.


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