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Radio Christmas 2023 a huge success

Radio Christmas 2023 a huge success

The Radio Christmas project was a huge success this past year, raising over £25,000 for the projects that Street Kids Direct partner with in Central America.

Thanks to the huge team of 480 volunteers who helped produce shows from 6am on the 1st December through until 1pm on Christmas Eve, together with all those who helped prepare and read the news, answer the phone and emails and helped with school´s work, events and in promotion, advertising and publicity.

The success of Radio Christmas this past December, which celebrated 15 years, is not measured just in terms of money raised.  The great community of people that make Radio Christmas bring something special to the local area of the Chilterns as well as broadcast great shows to 180 countries around the world.

There have been so many memorable moments and if you missed any of the shows you can still listen again and enjoy a huge variety of shows brought to you by a committed team of people, many of whom were young children.

We were pleased to see more than 20,000 searches for Radio Christmas on Google during December and more people than ever signed up for the newsletter and clicked to follow us on YouTube and Facebook.

Radio Christmas experienced 52,000 unique listeners with 81% being in the UK and over 180 countries listening in as well during December. This is a 36% increase of online listeners on the last 2 years.

This December 2024, Radio Christmas will be broadcasting from Guatemala, Honduras, and the USA with some programmes possibly coming from the UK.

Thank to everyone for your support of the station and its fundraising efforts.