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They Shoot Children, Don´t They?

They Shoot Children, Don´t They?

In 1991 the BBC broadcast its popular Sunday evening Everyman documentary programme and one programme in the series has impacted the lives of thousands of children in Central America. 

The programme was called `They Shoot Children, Don´t They?´and highlighted the torture and killing of children on the streets of Guatemala City, in Guatemala, Central America.

That dark Sunday night Duncan Dyason was on his way home from running a youth group at his church in Amersham and turned on the TV not knowing the programme was to be screened and could not believe what he was watching.

The programme and the plight of the children living on the streets changed his life and the following year Duncan moved to Guatemala City and began to work on the streets with the organisation that was featured in the TV documentary.  The rest is history!

The full programme is now available to watch on our YouTube channel and on VIMEO thanks to Judy Jackson who directed the programme and gave us permission to share the video.  Her commitment to bringing the desperate situation of the torture and killing of street children to the world stage led to the reduction of children living on the streets and the establishment of many programmes to help the children.

Today Guatemala does not have any children living on the streets and we are thankful to Judy for the hard work she and her team did to make this documentary.